Samsung Galaxy S III USA carrier prices and dates collected

This month we're getting more and more excited about the eventual USA release of the Samsung Galaxy S III than ever before – so much so that it seems like a perfect time to make a list of each of the places we'll be seeing the device pop up. Let's have a look at how Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and U.S. Cellular are going to be pushing the device this summer, and let's decide on which carrier we're going to go with in the end – or at least here before we actually get to see the devices for ourselves.

What you see below is not entirely definitive, but based on what we know thus far, it's as true to the final details as we're going to get before we get there. Start with each carrier's prices, move on through the details on their release dates, and make sure to take note of their network speed brands, because believe it or not, 4G doesn't always mean the same thing.


• AT&T 16GB $199, 32GB $249

• Verizon 16GB $199, 32GB $249

• T-Mobile Unknown

• U.S. Cellular 16GB $199, 32GB $249 (with mail-in rebate)

(all of the above prices are attached to a 2-year data contract)

Pre-order dates:

• AT&T up now

• Verizon up now

• T-Mobile reminder email only

• U.S. Cellular up now

Shipping dates:

• AT&T June 21

• Verizon July 10

• T-Mobile June 21

• U.S. Cellular mid to late July



• Verizon 4G LTE

• T-Mobile HSPA+4G

• U.S. Cellular 4G LTE [very limited]

Each carrier will be carrying both Marble White and Pebble Blue colors of the device, while AT&T will be bringing on a brand new RED coloration. For those of you looking to see the device before it's released here in the USA, you can check out our full review of the international Galaxy S III, but keep in mind that the USA versions of the device will be just a bit different in the end as far as apps go – besides that, your USA-carried GSIII will be pretty much the same as its released anywhere else in the world!

Check the timeline below as well for more hands-on looks at the Galaxy S III before it hits our United States shores!