SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: February 9, 2012

Happy Thursday everyone. We've been tracking a lot of news today. It's almost like we're as busy as Barack Obama on his re-election campaign schedule. Hey, have you ever wondered what a president listens to while he's hopping from campaign stop to campaign stop? In case you have, Obama has posted his "campaign playlist" on Spotify. We have to wonder if revealing his taste in music will earn him more votes or cost him.Featured: Our featured stories today include a review of the Acer Aspire S3 (Core i7) as well as a review of Tweetbot for iPhone. Be sure to check them out. In addition, if you're looking for some early analysis on this month's upcoming Mobile World Congress, check out this column from our Chris Davies – Apple will dominate MWC and it won't even be there.Mobile: AT&T is doing some damage control as it tries to explain away is 2GB throttling of unlimited data plans. Meanwhile, on the rumor mill, we've heard a new report on the possibility of a 7-inch iPad being released this year. 2012 could finally be the year that two iPads are released; the iPad 3 is expected to come forth within the next month. Oh, and HTC fans should be please to see this scheduled of Android 4.0 ICS upgrades.Other Stuff: Hey, here's something we don't get to say often – TiVo's in the news. The company has released a new set of "DirecTiVo" boxes for DirecTV customers. And on a completely separate note, Sony has revealed everything you can expect in a PlayStation Vita First Edition bundle. And if nothing above strikes your interest, this surely will – Steve Jobs FBI file pulled with Freedom of Information Act. Well that's all for today. Check back tomorrow at the same time for Friday's evening wrap-up.