SlashGear at CTIA Wireless 2011

SlashGear has arrived at CTIA Wireless 2011, the yearly expo of what's going to be hot in the North American mobile arena, and there's already a mass of new devices we're eagerly looking forward to. Sprint and AT&T jumped the gun this morning, with the Nexus S 4G and news of the upcoming LG Thrill 4G and HTC HD7S, but they're just the tip of the cellular iceberg.

Sprint is expected to wheel out a wide range of new devices, including a 4G WiMAX version of the HTC Flyer, and we imagine Verizon won't be letting their old rival steal all the attention either. T-Mobile may be in the midst of AT&T negotiations, but they're still expected to bring the HTC Pyramid and HTC Doubleshot along as well.

Then there's Samsung, and its 8.9-inch Galaxy Tab, another source of plenty of rumors from the past few weeks. You can follow all our show coverage with the CTIA 2011 tag, and of course follow along on the SlashGear homepage!