Shiny Pokemon GO 2019 infographics and who is next!

Today we're taking a look at all the Pokemon released with Shiny Pokemon alternatives in 2019 and what we'll likely see in 2020. This list includes some analysis of the entire last year, thanks to some intrepid user action on the part of The Silph Road user Castaform. We've also got some theories about what 2020 will bring each month – it's going to get wild!

Per the Pokemon GO BIG list of Shiny Pokemon, there are a total of 649 Pokemon in the entire game – approximately 52% of which currently have Shiny Pokemon alternatives. If you've never played Pokemon GO before, this might be a shock to your system. If you've only ever played traditional Pokemon games, you might be shocked at the amount of Shiny Pokemon a single person can catch in a relatively short time in Pokemon GO.

This could turn out to be a bit of a bummer once we really get going with Pokemon Home and the transfer of Pokemon GO monsters to other games. There's gonna be some major SHINY business going on for real.

If we take a look at the nicely designed infographics made by Castaform on TSR (The Silph Road on Reddit), we see that the Kanto and Hoenn regions are in a dead heat for most Shiny Pokemon in the game. That's percentage-wise, of course, since not all regions have the same number of Pokemon in their total Pokedex. In the year 2020, we seem to be destined to see more Sinnoh and Unova Shiny Pokemon than ever before!

In the year 2019, we saw nearly 90 families of Pokemon released with Shiny Pokemon alternatives. That's a whopping 191 new Shiny Pokemon in the year 2019, a 44% increase over the number of Shiny Pokemon released in the year 2018. At this rate, we'd be out of Pokemon left to be made Shiny within the next two years.

Either Niantic is going for broke, or they're going to have to slow down the pace of change they've got going right this minute. Eventually we'll likely see Niantic catch up to The Pokemon Company with standard Pokemon Game releases, and Pokemon GO will need to become a much more relaxed environment in which to operate.

But for now – it would not be a shock to see a new Shiny Pokemon family released once a month, at least, throughout the year 2020. We're expecting Shiny Baby Pokemon to be next. Why? Because of the rarest Dark Pokemon Egg situation that just appeared in the game's code, of course!