Shadowgun set for release on Android via Tegra Zone October 26th

It's time for all you mobile gamers out there to have a brand new heart attack because Shadowgun is newly optimized and ready for release on NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor-toting Android devices. October 26th is the time and $4.99 is about to be the price – and let me tell you right now, it's worth every penny. Madfinger Games tells us that the game will eventually be released on all Android devices (provided they're powerful enough), but we're in it for the Tegra – optimization for the win!

If you were here on the 5th of October you know that we've already gotten our hands on this miraculously entertaining third-person shooter for a full review of the near-complete build. Have a look at the full review post or simply look below for the video that comes with it to see what you're in store for. Also note that we'll have ANOTHER look at the game the day of release with the full build in place – not too much should be different, but you never know!

[vms 95a0d4879191c66f4faa]

This is one of a suite of games released with optimization for Tegra devices in the past year, each of them made with the developers of the games and the Tegra 2 team at NVIDIA working together to make the greatest experience possible for the end product. Each of these games are listed in the Tegra Zone, a directory that'll have you spitting slime over how awesome it is to own a dual-core processor from NVIDIA in an Android device.

Have a look at the Shadowgun game listing in the web-based Tegra Zone and notice who the top review is done by — none other than our sister site Android Community via Cory Gunther! Now we've gotta have an even BETTER review so as to steal that top spot back for ourselves for the final release!