See Samsung's wacky "Multifolding" and flexible displays in action

Samsung has been experimenting with foldable displays on devices of all sorts over the past few years. As we've seen with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 released this past week, the company's already reached a point where consumers can use this tech in smartphones and smart devices – they're ready to roll. But the experiments continue, and this week Samsung's ready to show off a double-folding display that folds out like no other phone on the market today.

Samsung calls this a "multi-foldable" or "multifoldable" device. This device is identified – still as a prototype in testing – as the Samsung Flex In & Out. It's unlikely we'll see the device appearing in stores with said name, and the design is still far enough away from deliverable reality that it's doubtful this will look like the device you'll be able to buy.

NOTE: We saw a teaser for this device – just a photo – at SID 2021. This is the first time the device is out on the show floor, operational to some degree.

The exciting bit here is the fact that we're close enough to a final product that Samsung is ready to show the display panel to the public. This might mean we're still more than a half-decade away from a final product – like the Samsung rollable display demoed back in May of 2016. Or it could be right around the corner!

Samsung also showed off a new 7.6-inch foldable OLED display that's capable of operating at negative-4 degrees Fahrenheit without deformation. This isn't necessarily possible with the foldable display panels in smartphones on the market today – don't go bringing your foldable to the Antarctic!

Samsung Display also showed a new "AI Speaker" with a 12.4-inch Flexible OLED panel. This flexible display is shown in action, folding and unfolding via smartphone command. This is the sort of device that we would not be shocked to find appearing on store shelves within the next year – it's close!