Samsung Display shows off next-gen tech at SID 2021

Samsung Display is participating in "Display Week 2021," which is part of the SID 2021 tradeshow. The exhibition is entirely online, and Samsung Display is showing off future products in its virtual booth at the show. For 2021, Samsung display is focusing on next-generation OLED products.

The next-generation technologies include "S-foldable", "slidable", and "UPC". S-foldable is a product that promises the best OLED technology in the world and is a multi-foldable product. The concept device is used like a smartphone when folded twice and a tablet when fully open. Opening the screen up fully creates a device with a display that is 7.2-inches.

Samsung Display also showed off a 17-inch device with a large-screen like a tablet when folded to a 4:3 ratio or a monitor when unfolded. It's positioned as a device to allow users to enjoy a large-screen on a PC, enhancing portability. Slidable is a device meant to show off the advantage of a large-screen by extending the screen horizontally while maintaining the shape of current smartphones. It promises to be portable and easy to use while making multitasking or large-screen video content easier on the go.

UPC is an under panel camera technology that minimizes bezels and maximizes the screen by mounting the front camera on the bezel part of the device under the panel. Camera functionality is maintained by increasing the transmittance of the portion of the panel over the camera module.

While revealing details on the future products mentioned above, Samsung Display also published 27 papers on various topics, including next-generation light-emitting materials and TFT device technology. Samsung Display has also offered some concept images showing how the future products might look.