Samsung "Unpacked for Every Fan" could reveal S20 Fan Edition this month

Samsung has announced its next event, coming hot on the heels of the big Galaxy Z Fold 2 unveil, and this time it's the company's most loyal mainstream flagship fans it has in mind. Come September 23, Samsung has confirmed today, it'll be holding "Unpacked for Every Fan," kicking off at 10am ET.

It's been a busy few months for Samsung. After the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra unveil – along with a host of accessories and tablets – came an Unpacked dedicated to the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Samsung's second-generation foldable has met with a much more positive reaction than its predecessor, even with its $2,000 price tag putting it out of reach of most.

Now, we're expecting to see another iteration of a device launched earlier in 2020. Although Samsung is tight-lipped with its details for the September 23 event, what we're likely to see is the latest "FE" or "Fan Edition" handset from the company. Specifically, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition.

It's the device likely to slot into the "Lite" category, based on Samsung's S20 flagship but potentially with a more attainable price tag. Leaks earlier in the month outlined some of the specifications, too. The Galaxy S20 FE is likely to have a 6.5-inch 2300 x 1080 Super AMOLED screen, supporting 120 Hz refresh rates.

Figure on three cameras on the rear, much in line with what the standard Galaxy S20 has. Samsung is also expected to introduce bolder color options, compared to its somewhat muted "Mystic" series of finishes we've seen in 2020 so far. Orange, lavender, green, and red are all tipped, along with a blue version of the handset as a 5G exclusive.

What we're most curious about, of course, is price. It's fair to say that most of Samsung's high profile launches so far have been poorly timed from a consumer spending point of view, given the pressures of the ongoing pandemic. The optics of launching expensive flagship after expensive flagship aren't great, and Google's Pixel 4a and Apple's second-generation iPhone SE have looked far more competitive in comparison. We're not expecting the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition to be as cheap as those devices – Samsung has its A-Series for that, after all – but there's no denying that the company's fans could do with a treat. We'll presumably find out more come September 23.