Samsung under Korean antitrust investigation after Apple 3G complaint

Samsung is reportedly under investigation by the South Korean antitrust watchdog, after Apple filed complaints around its rival's licensing practices for 3G patents. "We are reviewing whether allegations in the complaint lodged by Apple are true," an unnamed Korean Fair Trade Commission official told the AP. "Apple filed a complaint earlier this year that Samsung is breaching fair trade laws."

Apple's argument, it's believed, is that Samsung is aggressively using patented technology around 3G connectivity that it should, according to regulations, be offering to license on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms. That hasn't happened, Apple insists, and in fact Samsung has used its 3G patents as a counter-suit in various court cases across the globe.

It's not the first time the argument has been made. Samsung is under investigation by the EC over the same issue, and the South Korean antitrust team has said it will be taking that – and recent court rulings – into consideration before reaching a final verdict.

Unsurprisingly, Samsung denies any wrongdoing. "Samsung has at all times met its obligations to the fair licensing of its telecommunications standards-related patents" the company said in a statement; Apple declined to comment on the new investigation.