Samsung tablets leak with monster iPad implications

Samsung seems to have gained a foothold in the tablet computer universe with their latest batch of Galaxy Tab devices in 2020 and 2021. Earlier this week, Samsung announced two new Android tablets, both of them slight iterations on devices they'd released in the recent past. Here on Friday, a leaked documentation of Samsung tablet plans seems to aim for the stars, showing multiple massive tablets that out-shine even the most extravagant Galaxy tablets released in the past year.

When we reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ in September of 2020, we called it the best Android slate to date. Since then, Samsung has continue to release different versions of tablets, aiming for multiple price points and multiple sorts of consumer. Here in May of 2021, they've just revealed a new Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite as well as a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE. They're moving full steam ahead with tablets while other companies (save Apple) don't seem to be finding the opportunity to take a piece of the pie.

A leak of information this week from TheGalox_ shows a set of three new Android tablets, likely ready for release in the year 2023. These devices appear to be taking spots in 11-inch, 12.4-inch, and 14.6-inch categories. The smallest of these has an 11-inch LTPS TFT display with 120Hz image refresh rate and a wide variety of potential use cases.

This smallest device appears to share RAM and ROM sizes with the next-biggest device, both of them working with two potential iterations: 8GB RAM and 128GB internal storage or 8GB RAM and 256GB internal storage. The mid-sized tablet here has a 12.4-inch OLED display with 120Hz image refresh rate, something similar to what we've seen with the Galaxy Tab S7+.

The front-facing camera setup on both the 11-inch and 12.4-inch tablets seems to be relatively basic at 8MP, while the full collection of tablets appear to work with a dual-camera setup with 13MP main a 5MP secondary camera, plus LED flash.

All of these devices will roll with a quad speaker setup and BLE S Pen. That means they'll be ready to pump out the jams and play movies with volume enough for multiple viewers. The S Pen will likely be relatively similar to what it was with the Galaxy Tab S7+, continuing to work with wireless charging courtesy of a magnetic back charging panel on the tablet.

The largest of three tablets leaked today looks like it'll have a 14.6-inch OLED display with 120Hz image refresh rate. This massive tablet appears to be planned for two iterations, one with 8GB RAM and 128GB internal storage, the other with 12GB RAM and 512GB internal storage.

The largest tablet looks like it'll have a center-mounted notch with room for both of its front-facing cameras.* With a 14.6-inch panel, this tablet is shown sporting a 92% screen-to-body ratio – that's beastly. It's shown in this slide with a direct comparison to the largest-of-large iPad Pro units, too – that comes in at 12.9-inches.

*This largest Samsung Galaxy tablet appears to be coming with the same 8MP camera up front as the others, but also has a 5MP camera for ultra-wide coverage. As the slide suggests, this could be great for both Home Fitness needs and video conferencing.

The battery sizes on these tablets looks absurd – in a good way. The smallest shows an 8000mAh battery. The mid-sized tablet shows a 10090mAh battery, and the largest shows a 12000mAh battery. The whole lot is shown with 45W fast charging, too.

Now we need only cross our fingers and hope that these tablets wont cost more than they're worth as the most top-tier Android tablets ever produced.