Samsung S-Circle fitness band hits FCC

Chris Davies - Mar 6, 2014, 9:33 am CDT
Samsung S-Circle fitness band hits FCC

Samsung’s next wearable, the S-Circle, has been spotted crossing the FCC, a new activity tracker that seems likely to lack the curved AMOLED of the Gear Fit in favor of a more simplistic form-factor. Hooking up via Bluetooth LE – presumably to the Galaxy S5 – the S-Circle is yet to be officially announced by Samsung, but will most probably fit into the gap once occupied by the S Band shown here.

Whispers of a new non-screen fitness wearable began back in December, with the bracelet then tipped to launch as the Galaxy Band. According to Korean sources, it was said to have motion sensors which it would use to track movement and calories burned, along with GPS from a connected smartphone.

While the name may not be the same, the expected functionality between that device and the S-Circle looks to tally. The wearable will presumably feed data into the latest version of Samsung’s S-Health app, that also launched alongside the Galaxy S5.

Whatever the final spec sheet looks like, it’ll presumably be cheaper than the Gear Fit or the new Gear 2 smartwatch, though whether that means it lacks the integrated pulse-rate sensor remains to be seen. Samsung has kept the juicy details redacted from the FCC filing.

VIA Engadget

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