Samsung requests to have iPad mini added to lawsuit

Following Samsung's recent victory in having the iPhone 5 added to the present lawsuit between it and Apple, the Korean company has now requested that the recently-launched iPad mini also be added. The Apple device allegedly infringes on two wireless technology patents and several other feature patents that are used for both varieties of the mini iPad. In addition, Samsung has also pursued whether it properly went after the iPod Touch, stating that it will do so if necessary.

Specifically, the company is seeking clarity to verify that it properly used Patent No. 7,672,470 against the iPod Touch. If it is found that the company did not, Samsung will press forward in doing so, adding a couple more blows to its legal battle against Apple. In this case, the patent involve PMP volume control.

Apple, meanwhile, added the Galaxy Note and US-version Galaxy S III to the lawsuit. The companies were granted their requests to add the products after Judge Grewal stated that he was concerned not doing so would prompt a new batch of lawsuits. The lawsuit concerns Apple's iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone, as well as nearly two dozen Samsung devices.

Samsung recently requested that the licensing agreement from a settlement between HTC and Apple be provided. The request was granted after Apple offered to provide a censored version, which Samsung argued against in court. The trial is set for 2014, with a no doubt bumpy road of legal matters between now and then.

[via Apple Insider]