Samsung Omnia 7 gets HD Voice on Orange UK

Chris Davies - Oct 18, 2010
Samsung Omnia 7 gets HD Voice on Orange UK

Orange has confirmed that the Samsung Omnia 7 will be HD Voice enabled in the UK, allowing the Windows Phone 7 handset to make higher quality audio calls on their network.  “High Definition Voice” had previously been limited to a handful of Nokia devices, along with the Samsung Omnia Pro; calls between compatible phones promise much reduced background noise, hiss and crackle.

Orange is still hoping to get more networks – and device manufacturers – onboard with HD Voice, so that the technology will pick up steam and become more prevalent.  Until then, only Orange customers – and not those roaming from T-Mobile, either – will be able to take advantage of it.  Still, a strong handset might be what HD Voice needs to break through into the mainstream, and it certainly won’t hurt Samsung in differentiating their hardware from other Windows Phone 7 manufacturers.

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