T-Mobile and Orange network share goes live today

Chris Davies - Oct 5, 2010, 3:06am CDT
T-Mobile and Orange network share goes live today

T-Mobile and Orange users in the UK might find they have a few extra bars of signal from today, since the two carriers are now offering free roaming as part of their ongoing Everything Everywhere merger.  The network sharing includes calls, SMS and data, though you may need to turn on “data roaming” on your device in order to get it to accept the other carrier.

It’s not an automatic change, however, and you need to register with your current carrier and install a few new settings to your device (likely to prioritize the other Everything Everywhere network as the phone’s second default choice).  If you’re a T-Mobile customer you can do that at t-mobile.co.uk/share, whereas Orange customers can do so at orange.co.uk/share.

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