Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 AT&T LTE Hands-on and Unboxing

This week we get our first glimpse of what it means to hold the next addition to the Galaxy Tab family in our hands, the slightly larger than mid-sized Galaxy Tab 8.9 for AT&T's LTE network. What we'll be doing in the post you're looking at here is giving it a relatively brief hands-on look as well as a few photos of how it looks in and out of the box. What you'll find is that this certainly has little in the way of differences from the rest of the Galaxy Tab line (starting with the 10.1, that is), save for its size which may indeed be the perfect one if you're a Goldilocks sort of person. The Galaxy Tab 8.9 not nearly as obtuse as the original Galaxy Tab, it's not as large as the 10.1, and it's got just a slight bit more screen space than the 7.7. Samsung appears to be covering all the bases: is this home plate?

What you get in this box is the first Samsung tablet to be running on the brand new LTE network let loose in the USA only late this year – note that you'll have to be in one of the few AT&T LTE covered areas to get your full LTE speed on, but that you'll be rolling out relatively quick wherever you go on AT&T's normal 4G network should you go out of the big city. Inside you'll find the newest version of Samsung's vision for tablets, that being TouchWiz UX, and it's running what appears to be much more slick than its predecessor – that being the first version of UX on the 10.1. Notice in the video you're about to see that there does seem to be a couple of kinks in the soup:

UPDATE: Here's a better hands-on look from our final review of this device. Pay no attention to the idiot in the first video, aka me being foolish.

But also HEED THIS: you'll see a rather human side of your humble narrator in the video above, a mistake or two leading you to what appears to be a Tegra 2 processor and a collection of rather interesting games out of the box — instead note that this device comes with a QUALCOMM processor clocked in at an impressive 1.5GHz on each of its 2 CPU cores. This device comes with a basic set of Google apps as well as a handful of Samsung apps and AT&T specific apps, each of them having shown up on many of their most recent collaborations such as the Samsung Skyrocket, another Samsung AT&T LTE-capable device. Have a peek at what this device has to offer in the video and the photos here in this post, then be sure to let us know what YOU want to know or any tests you want us to run before we give you a full review in the next few days!