This is Samsung's big Galaxy S8 commercial

Even with the Galaxy S8 and S8+ undoubtedly the most eagerly-anticipated Android phones of the year, Samsung is leaving nothing to chance. The company has revealed its first TV commercial for the upcoming smartphones, and it's playing up their most obvious change over the Galaxy S7. That's the so-called "Infinity Display", Samsung's curved Super AMOLED screen with tiny, weeny bezels.

Samsung has been fighting a war on bezels for the past few generations of device, though it's with the Galaxy S8 that it really takes a stand. Previously, it saved its most advanced Super AMOLED technology for "edge" variants of its phones. The Galaxy S7, for instance, came in a regular version with a flat display and more traditional profile, and a Galaxy S7 edge iteration that wrapped curved OLED around both the left and right sides.

With the Galaxy S8 and S8+, however, there's no flat model. All Samsung has to offer is curved OLED on both sizes of the phone – the S8 is 5.8-inches, while the S8+ is 6.2-inches – and if you're not happy with that, well, you're going to have to look elsewhere for a new device.

"Samsung Galaxy S8: Breaking Out":

Samsung's "Breaking Out" advert plays up on the evolution of the display. Over the course of a minute it shows an old, generic smartphone with sizable bezels being busted apart, revealing the S8 and its considerably larger screen underneath. Of course, by pushing the Super AMOLED to the limits of the top and bottom of the handset – leaving the barest of slivers for the front-facing camera, iris scanner, and other sensors that need to face forward – that's forced some other big design changes compared to previous Galaxy phones.

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For instance, the home button – along with the task-switcher button and back key – are now virtual, not physically placed under the display. A pressure-sensitive strip underneath the bottom portion of the screen can be pressed to call up the shortcuts if they're not visible at the time, such as if the Galaxy S8 is being used to play full-screen video. The fingerprint sensor that was once embedded into the home button has been moved, and is now found on the rear of the S8, next to the primary camera.

Samsung actually has a second commercial it's revealing today, though while the Galaxy S8 is the star it's not specifically a spot for the phone. Dubbed "The New Normal" it's meant to explore how today's smartphones have brought huge advances over previous devices, and the real-world uses of the technologies. "There's a whole new generation out there who will never know that certain barriers ever existed," Samsung says.

"The New Normal":

So, we see a Galaxy S8 live-streaming 360-degree footage from a new Gear 360 camera, for instance, and the phone being taken into the pool courtesy of IP68 water resistance. It's unclear if Samsung will use the spot as a Galaxy S8 ad specifically, or just use it online instead.

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There's not long to wait to try the S8 and S8+ out for yourself, mind. Sales kick off later this month, from April 21, with all of the major US carriers signed up to offer the handset. There's more details on the phone in our hands-on video, below.