Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Galaxy S6 specs battle (Official Details)

Chris Burns - Feb 21, 2016, 12:01pm CST
Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Galaxy S6 specs battle (Official Details)

Time to compare the Samsung Galaxy S7 to its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S6. This evening, Samsung revealed their newest smartphone lineup, including both the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus. The looks of these devices aren’t all that radically changed from their predecessors, but several key details have changed and improved. Here we’ll run down the specifications for the lot, one by one. We’ll be beginning where you’ve likely wondered about first and foremost – the camera.

What’s better about the camera? Samsung’s new technology, a “Dual Pixel” sensor. In this sensor you’ll find each pixel sporting two photodiodes, each pixel able to be used for phase-detection autofocus.

That means much better continuous autofocus when you’re recording a video. It also means that you’re autofocusing faster for photos in the first place. Each new smartphone camera inches closer to DSLR camera quality – Samsung’s appears to us to be as close as we’ve come thus far.

The Galaxy S7 works with a better lens – f/1.7 instead of f/1.9 of the S6. This is a 25-percent increase in light.

Another difference between the cameras here is the size of the individual pixels. Each pixel is 1.4 microns in the Galaxy S7 while the Samsung Galaxy S6 works with 1.12 micron pixels. Samsung suggests that this means the device is picking up 56x more light.


Above you’ll see a chart comparing the Samsung Galaxy S7 to the Samsung Galaxy S6.

You’ll notice that the Galaxy S7 no longer has a Black Sapphire color, instead opting for “Black Onyx”. The gold’s name appears to be the same – and by all appearances looks pretty much the same on the surface.


The Blue Topaz color of the Samsung Galaxy S6 is not in play for the first release of the Galaxy S7. There is a Silver Titanium for the S7 Edge, but just the three colors for the S7.

We’ll expect more color variants of Galaxy S7 in the near future.


You’ll notice that the Samsung Galaxy S7 no longer has an IR-remote embedded within its head.

No more TV controls for you!


One of the biggest distinctions the Samsung Galaxy S7 holds over previous models is its water and dust resistance. Drop it directly in the sink and it’ll survive.

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This is the first generation that the Samsung Galaxy S line converges with its close relative, the Samsung Galaxy S Active. See our Samsung Galaxy S6 Active review to see what the line has been all about.

While the Samsung Galaxy S6 was released separate from the Samsung Gear VR virtual reality headset, the Galaxy S7 will benefit from a Gear VR bundle release. From the dates February 23rd, 2016, to March 18th, users that purchase a Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge will get a Gear VR headset for free.

See full details on the Samsung Galaxy S7 in our hands-on post and stick around our brand new Samsung Galaxy S7 tag portal for more!

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