Samsung Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update leaks on video

The official Samsung-made Android 4.1 Jelly Bean software update for the Galaxy S III appears to have been filmed by a user whose gotten their hands on the build this week. The final update will not be sent out to users officially until August 29th, but right here and now we can see where the manufacturer has gotten in their journey towards finality. This update includes Google Now, a brand new updated notifications pulldown menu, and a slightly updated set of aesthetics.

The video you're about to see has the user working with Android version 4.1.1, this being consistent with the Galaxy Nexus as released by Google itself. The hardware version here lets you know that we are indeed looking at the GT-I9300 Galaxy S III, and there's a whole new login screen as well when you first start the device up from its out-of-box build. Homescreens and widgets that are on the device with Ice Cream Sandwich pretty much appear to be the exact same as they were before the change. Have a peek at our Samsung Galaxy S III review for a full look at the software before the change.

You'll be able to instantly share screenshots and photos from your notifications bar and you'll have Google Now complete with voice interactivity. You'll want this update one way or another, folks, that's a guarantee. This update will be popping up either in late August or extremely soon – one way or another, Samsung will be pushing it to International Editions of the device first, then to the USA.

We're expecting each of the USA carried editions of the Galaxy S III to receive the update at different times, too, so don't go thinking that just because your AT&T buddy got Jelly Bean that you, a Verizon user, will have it right away too. That's just silly! Stick with us here on SlashGear for more Jelly Bean action as well all week long as we continue down the road toward tasty justice.

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[via Android Police]