Samsung Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update tipped for August 29th

Information emerged a few weeks ago about Samsung's Jelly Bean update plans for its current range of smartphones, indicating that the Galaxy S III was undergoing testing and that an update would be released early in the third quarter. Now an anonymous source speaking to GSMArena suggests that the Jelly Bean update is ready to go, and will be released on August 29th alongside the announcement of the Galaxy Note II.

It's not clear if all models of the phone will receive the update or if will initially be for the international version, but if the information is correct, then Galaxy S III owners will be getting a nice little treat in a few short weeks. Previous information indicates that the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note are also on track for an update to Jelly Bean, although both devices are still being tested internally at Samsung.

The tests for the Galaxy S II are apparently "looking fine", but Samsung hasn't made the final decision as to whether or not the handset will definitely receive the update. Strong international sales for the handset suggest that Samsung will follow through, but if it doesn't then the company intends to release a "Value Pack" for the phone, similar to the what happend with the original Galaxy S and Ice Cream Sandwich.

Samsung is facing a similar situation with the Galaxy Note. The phones are still pretty powerful by today's standards, and they've gained impressive sales figures across the globe, so we can't imagine that Samsung will leave the two models out in the cold. Even if they don't receive updates, then enterprising developers and hackers on xda-developers will get to work and no doubt provide stable builds of the latest version of Android. Ideally, though, Samsung will provide official builds for the best results.

[via TechnoBuffalo]