Samsung's smartphone Jelly Bean update plans detailed

The question on every smartphone owners lips when a new version of Android is released is always, "When is my device going to get it?" Manufacturers are often cautious in giving out exact timelines as phones and tablets need to be extensively tested before updates can be approved and rolled out. Sam Mobile has some information regarding Jelly Bean updates for the Galaxy S III, Galaxy S II, and the Galaxy Note, with Samsung seemingly busy behind the scenes testing each device.

According to Sam Mobile, test Jelly Bean firmwares for the Galaxy S III have passed the necessary tests, with Samsung currently working on a public version of the update. At this point Samsung is simply trying to finish the Jelly Bean update before getting the final approval from Google to release it out into the wild.

The Galaxy S II, meanwhile, is still being tested for compatibility with Jelly Bean. The initial tests are apparently "looking fine," and Samsung is more than likely moving ahead with the update thanks to the strong sales of the Galaxy S II and large installed customer base. Sam Mobile adds that if Samsung decides not to update the device to Jelly Bean, owners will receive a "Value Pack", not unlike what happened with the Galaxy S and Ice Cream Sandwich. The situation is said to be the same with the Galaxy Note.

As for when you can expect the updates to roll out, the Galaxy S III should see the Jelly Bean upgrade at the end of the third quarter or the beginning of the fourth. The Galaxy S II and the Galaxy Note will see updates during the fourth quarter, assuming Samsung gives the devices the go ahead. And what about the rumored Galaxy Note II? Sam Mobile has heard from a source that the device is still being tested on Ice Cream Sandwich, and that it's unclear if the device will launch with ICS or Jelly Bean. If it does land with just Android 4.0, then a 4.1 update will be available a few months later in Q4.

[via Phone Arena]