Samsung Galaxy S II USA Family Confirmed, Verizon May Be Next

It appears very likely, now that we've got a cool slightly pixelated photo and everything, that Samsung will be releasing the Samsung Galaxy S II in the USA next week on three of the big four USA carriers with slightly different configurations, software and hardware included. What we're still not clear on is why news has popped up surrounding Verizon not being on this list. Given another bit of very possibly legit information we got this morning, a Samsung Galaxy S II upgrade is on the way as well, this time with a slightly larger 4.5-inch display and 4G LTE capabilities. What could this possibly mean for Verizon?

There are several factors to consider here, the first and very possibly the most important of which being that there's a new iPhone coming to at least a couple of carriers in the next few months. Verizon is certainly on the list for future iPhone devices, so carrying a Samsung Galaxy S, perhaps the iPhone's biggest competitor yet, may not be in the cards. On the other hand, it does appear that AT&T will be getting the Galaxy S II even though they've carried the iPhone for longer than any other group.

Next thing to think about is the Motorola DROID Bionic. This device is a 4.3-inch display having dual-core 4G LTE Android much in the same way the Galaxy S II is a 4.3-inch display having dual-core and possibly 4G LTE-having device of the future. Would Verizon be willing to market them both at the same time? Verizon is one gigantic group and they're certainly not incapable of showing both the Bionic and the Galaxy S II at the same time. Only question is – since Natalie Portman is promoting the Bionic, will Mila Kunis be tapped for the GSII? We'll see!

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