Samsung Galaxy S II Verizon Model Possibly Axed

It appears that the largest network in the United States will not be carrying the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone, a flagship device for the manufacturer and one of the best selling phones in the world at the moment. As the Wall Street Journal reports, having spoken with "people familiar with the plans," each of the other "big four" carriers will be carrying the device inside September, blue, yellow, and pink being the lot of them, but apparently Verizon has declined to move forward with the Samsung dual-core device. Samsung's Kim Titus has confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S II would indeed be unveiled in the USA next week, but declined to comment any further on the group's plans for carriers.

With a gigantic batch of alternate Samsung devices soon to be released at IFA 2011, we've got to guess that Verizon will continue to lead with Samsung's DROID Charge as it runs on their 4G LTE network as well as some future Galaxy devices, perhaps the Galaxy R, for example, a "Premium" version of the new Galaxy line while the Galaxy S II is considered "Flagship."

One reason for this possible decision should be obvious to all those lovers of the Verizon DROID line, that being the upcoming dual-core LTE 4G capable Droid BIONIC. This device is set to be the world's first 4G LTE device with a dual-core processor on the market, this device to be rolling out SOON by the looks of it. Why have two of what consumers might see as essentially the same device on one network? On the other hand, Verizon may seek to continue to dominate the market as it ends up holding, again, the only 4G LTE dual-core smartphone in the world while the rest of the networks have the Galaxy S II. I'm sure you can see how they'd be able to market that as a major advantage.

[via WSJ]