Samsung Galaxy S II Gets Asphalt 6 HD Top-Class Racing Game Download FREE

Starting this week, all you users holding a Samsung Galaxy S II (only the international I9100 or the Korean version, mind you,) may download a special edition WCG 2011 version of one of the greatest racing games to have been released in the history of the world* thus far, Gameloft's Asphalt 6: ADRENALINE HD. *Of course this is your narrator's own opinion, but the ability to rock forth with wicked beautiful auto machines at hyper-fast speeds, crashing into your opponents to take them out of the race as you go, is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Now Galaxy S II users accessing their Samsung Apps store will be able to download this otherwise several-dollar-costing application completely for free.

This version of the game features all awesome bits you've been perhaps seeking before you've gotten a full taste of the game, that being multiplayer mode, the career, the purchasing of multiple cars as you advance through the game, and now you've got a brand new car through a special WCG 2011 menu, a car by the name of "Samsung WCG 2011"! Elite and amazing! What we can hope for now is this awesome offer to jump over to the rest of the Galaxy S II units in the world (namely the USA versions coming out this month) and for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to get it too.

Everyone deserves the right to play this fracking amazing game! That said, yours truly is already playing it on several devices including the desktop – where it almost seems TOO good. Next we've got to pay close attention to Gameloft in the future, not only because they've released some pretty awesome games already, but because a tie-in with an event such as this means they've only got one direction to go in: up!

Check out how many times the word Gameloft has come up in reviews of devices – they're getting in where they fit in!

Thanks for the tip, Jim!