Samsung Galaxy S II for T-Mobile Hands-Off [Video]

The most mysterious of the three Samsung Galaxy S II models we've seen today is the T-Mobile version. The reason for this is the fact that because this version of the handset is set to be the last released here in the states (that we know of so far), it's not quite ready for a full showing. Therefor what we know about this device is essentially just the bare minimum: Exynos 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, 4.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, extra rounded edges, and a unique T-Mobile experience alongside Samsung's newest vision for TouchWiz. I'm sure we'll be just thrilled as pie once we get to see it in action, but for now we've got to stay behind a plastic box.

But we've got video anyway! Everyone loves a good plastic box row, and that's exactly what T-Mobile had at the event today. A whole lovely row of boxes, each of them with their own Samsung Galaxy S II for T-Mobile inside, each of them with what would appear, at least on the surface, to be a full T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II TouchWiz experience. However, all we've got to work with right this moment is the assurances of the T-Mobile reps at the event, they speaking on what they've been told is going to be a slightly different entertainment-heavy T-Mobile look at the Galaxy S II once it's released after the WiMAX and AT&T versions of the device.

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Have a look at what we've been able to see of this device thus far, and notice how lovely this Galaxy S II looks next to the Infuse 4G, the closest we've come to the GSII thus far. Kind of like it's big/little brother, if you will, with the same size display at the T-Mobile version but with half the processor power. Expect to see, if I may be so bold, the most stripped-down version of TouchWiz here in the T-Mobile version once it's released in a few months. Get round!

Also feel free to check out our original announcement post to see the official unveiling!