Galaxy Note 9 pre-pre-orders open before release date

This afternoon Samsung began accepting reservations for the Galaxy Note 9 – before they announced the phone. We must imagine they've taken the opportunity afforded them by teasers for trailers for big-name movies and used it here to their advantage. Why wait until the smartphone is detailed to get people to line up to buy it? Why not have people pre-arrange to purchase a phone for which we've not yet revealed the release date?

Samsung's launch promotions are monstrous – and they have been for some time. Remember that time you could get a free Jay-Z album when you bought the newest Galaxy smartphone? That happened. Now the Magna Carta method is put into effect again, this time before Samsung holds their big event. Before the device is really supposed to be seen – though we've seen it a whole bunch of times in leaks by now, of course.

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The only caviat you must submit to here to reserve yourself a space in line to purchase Samsung's next phone is as follows. You need to download an app, too. You'll have to go to the Google Play app store and download the official "Shop Samsung" app – for free. From there, you'll sign in to or sign up for a Samsung account. Then you'll be able to find that precious "RESERVE" button right below the following couple of sentences.

"Sign up to reserve the next Galaxy," said the app, via Droid Life. "Receive the latest updates and get notified when details on the next Galaxy are available."

This app shows very few details about the device itself. This is mostly an exercise in hardcore fandom, making it appear as though the only sure way to get one's own Galaxy Note 9 is to reserve a spot in line, waiting then for the opportunity to purchase the device for whatever price Samsung decides. We're pretty sure it'll be just under $1000 – but we'll see.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is set for full reveal on August 9th, 2018. Soon thereafter the device will be available on pre-order, then on sale in coming weeks. We're to understand – from anonymous sources – that the Galaxy Note 9 should be on sale on the 24th of August, 2018. Seeya then!