Jay-Z Samsung app for Magna Carta arrives: in-depth before the album drop

It's time to get in line, citizens of planet Jay-Z. Samsung has a deal with the artist which allows a total of one million users to get in on the album before it's official drop: July 4th for those members of the public that wish to participate in the pre-drop hype. What the deal between Jay-Z and Samsung does is connect fans of the future album to the full track list download (the whole album, that is) for free, several days before it's released to the rest of the public, but only if they've got this unique app that only works on a set of specific Samsung smartphones.

Users will be able to download the album on July 4th just so long as they've got this Magna Carta app and a Samsung Galaxy S 4, Samsung Galaxy S III, or Samsung Galaxy Note II. In this brand cross-over is a power move that's making the suggestion that Jay-Z (and Samsung) are changing the way albums are released.

If Jay-Z sells a million albums before it's released, and technically gives them away for free through Samsung (the brand footing the bill), does it still count as a Platinum release? Billboard asked this question via the artist earlier this month as well – their chart-watchers have some deciding to do.

Here with the release of the Magna Carta app, users will be able to explore bits and pieces of the upcoming album before it's released. Here they must also connect with Facebook or Twitter before they can enter, and upon entering decide if they want to watch a series of ad spots – or previews, however they want to look at it – and share them for even more behind-the-scenes action.

At the moment we've got the app up and running on each of the key smartphones listed above – will you be rapping with any phone that doesn't have a free album attached? Or is that one bit the only reason a user would think to access this software?