Samsung D9500 75-inch Smart TV eyes-on

Chris Davies - May 11, 2011
Samsung D9500 75-inch Smart TV eyes-on

How big is too big? When you’re Samsung and you’re thinking about making a splash in the world of 3D Smart TVs, then 75-inches is a good place to aim for. The company announced its D9500 earlier this week, and we spent some time playing with the super-set at the Korea World IT Show today. Make no mistake, this is a big TV with some big abilities.

To put it in perspective, the TV on the left is Samsung’s UN55D8000, the same 55-inch smart TV which we reviewed recently. Normally an HDTV that scale is big enough, but it’s dwarfed into insignificance by the whopping 75-inch D9500. Picture quality is also impressive, with stunningly rich blacks, bright colors and – if you’re into the third-dimension in your movies – blur-free active-glasses 3D thanks to the 240Hz refresh rate.

In Korea and Europe, owners of the D9500 – and Samsung’s cheaper smart TVs – will have access to free 3D content to stream to their sets. Samsung announced the system back in April, though at the time we weren’t sure exactly what sort of content the company was talking about. Now we know it’s full length feature films, like Shrek 3D, all accessed through the D9500’s straightforward UI.

That can be navigated either with regular remote buttons or using the same QWERTY remote as with the D8000. There’s also Skype support – though we’re not sure we know anybody that we like so much we’d want to see them blown up to 75-inches – along with internet access and the same TV streaming abilities to a Galaxy Tab or Galaxy Android smartphone as smaller models.

The Samsung D9500 went on sale in Korea this week, priced at the equivalent of around $15,000. No word on North American or European release dates, though Samsung does plan to release the super-set there. Whether you have a big enough living room is another matter.

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