Samsung Begins Dutch Galaxy Tab 10.1 Sales In Pre-Injunction Hearing Window

Samsung is pushing ahead with its European roll-out of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, at least in those areas it's allowed to. That basically amounts to the Netherlands, after Apple secured a preliminary sales injunction against the Honeycomb slate in other European countries, where the Tab 10.1 will hit store shelves from today.

Apple had filed a separate injunction request in the Dutch courts, but the judge refused to grant it, instead saying that the case would be heard midway through September. "Whatever the decision, we can continue our business as planned until October 13" a Samsung spokesperson told AFP, that date being the earliest the judge said any injunction would take effect.

Initially, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be available through a single store in the Netherlands, though broader sales are expected from August 23 after that period of exclusivity expires. Elsewhere in Europe, Vodafone UK has frozen pre-orders of the tablet pending Samsung's appeal against the injunction, while other retailers with stock on-hand have decided to go ahead with sales despite the knowledge that, when they run out, Samsung will be unable to replenish them.