Rithm wants to challenge Spotify with streaming music & chat

As you may have noticed, streaming music is a hot topic lately. With Apple readying some sort of streaming service and Jay Z trying to democratize artist royalties with Tidal, there's a lot of buzz about streaming lately. Much like messaging, streaming music is now ubiquitous, with most opting to subscribe rather than buy. A new service, Rithm, wants to encompass all your needs, offering both streaming and messaging in one place. They're also undercutting the pricing model of $9.99/month by about 60%.

At $3.99/month, Rithm is automatically going to turn heads. You can even listen to 30-second song clips for free if you're not paying to tap into Rithm's library. The subscription also gets you Rithm's chat feature, where sharing music is the aim.

Rithm has some big-name record labels attached to their service, too. Universal, Warner Brothers, and Sony all have music available via Rithm, and independent label aggregation services like Merlin and The Orchard bring lesser-known artists to the fold.

Rithm is also working with various artists for 'dancing emoji' and stickers based on those acts.

In many ways, Rithm sounds like a big win. They've got a decent library of music, and are available on both iOS and Android. Sharing music is something many enjoy doing via other social platforms, so tying them together seems really clever.

Sadly we've probably grown a bit less than enthusiastic about streaming of late. With Tidal leaving many scratching their heads asking "why?" and Spotify fast becoming the streaming service of choice, Rithm is going to have issues grabbing our attention. Apple's incoming streaming service could also define a new era of digital music, and at twice the price, music fans will likely gravitate towards a better library.

Source: Rithm

Via: The Next Web