Razer Phone gets $300 discount (guess what that means)

Chris Burns - Sep 10, 2018, 9:51am CDT
Razer Phone gets $300 discount (guess what that means)

The Razer Phone was given a bit of a price-cut this week amid rumors of a new Razer handset coming to market soon. This price cut was significant as it was the first price adjustment the company gave the device since release. The next device, we can safely assume, was the Razer Phone 2, or whatever it’ll end up being called as it’s revealed before the end of this year.

The original Razer Phone remains on sale from the Razer online as this article is set to be published. That’s over at Razer dot com, and it includes the original Black version only. There was also a Gold special edition, but it really wasn’t meant for the US market. The discounted price for the original Black version of the Razer Phone is good only inside the United States.

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The discount is a whopping $300 USD, and it might still be in play, depending on when you read this article. If you wish to check whether the discount remains, begin by heading to the Razer Story (via the link above). Next, add the device to your cart, then find the “PROMO CODE” section in the cart, then add “WOOHOO” in said section. This code cut nearly 43% of the price from the total $700 USD when it was first revealed.

This sort of discount can mean only one thing this many months after the device was first released. It can mean only that Razer’s preparing to clear their shelves to make room for Razer Phone 2, or Razer Phone 2018. Or they might well call it Razer Phone Chroma. Because everything – EVERYTHING – needs LEDs.

As we begin to hypothesize names based on rumors, it’s become time to enter the next phase of Razer Phone pre-release madness. What with the first year’s model getting close to a full-sized laptop brain with Project Linda, an in-the-works Razer Phone Chroma has some real potential. This phone also has some crazy expectations to live up to on behalf of Razer’s ravenous fanbase. Until we get there, have a peek at the timeline below for additional clues and tips from the Razersphere. Also have a peek at our full review of the original Razer Phone – with its True Mobile Courage in full effect.

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