Raon Digital Everun Note brochure confirms $879 price-tag

Chris Davies - Sep 2, 2008

Raon Digital haven’t been shy about pushing their upcoming Everun Note into the spotlight – the benchmarks they published for the unreleased netbook last month were hardly discrete – but we finally have a product brochure [pdf link] and a price.  $879 is higher than the initial estimates (and doesn’t include tax), and puts the 7-inch device in competition with not only netbooks but UMPCs and, for the money, “proper” laptops; however with its blend of power and portability the Note does make a good attempt to distinguish itself.

Weight for the Everun Note is confirmed at 748g, which along with the 200 x 118 x 28mm dimensions make for a seriously portable machine.  The keyboard layout is causing some consternation, with Raon Digital seemingly prioritizing ease of normal typing over access to secondary keys; that’s probably always going to have been a consequence of the size.  As for the optical mouse, performance remains to be seen; however, having spent no small amount of time with the similar device on the Samsung Omnia, I’m relatively confident it will be usable.   

What’s really promising is the AMD Turion 64×2 Dual Core 1.2GHz (1MB L2 Cache) processor with 1GB of RAM.  Raon Digital’s brochure describes three power modes, including a scaled-down setting where the processor is throttled back when running on battery only.  It’s unclear the extent of this throttling.

Availability is expected from resellers in the third week of September.  It’s expensive, yes, but promising nonetheless; any SlashGear readers thinking of picking one up?

[via UMPC Portal]

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