AMD Turion prototype believed to be new Raon Digital UMPC

AMD know better than to launch a new processor without a few slick prototypes to demonstrate it with, and the most eye-catching at Computex has been this dinky UMPC.  Specifications are believed to include a 7-inch touchscreen running at 1024 x 600 and the AMD Turion X2 Ultra 64 with 1GB RAM.  Storage is courtesy of either a 60GB or 80GB hard-drive, while connectivity includes two USB (plus a mini-USB port), audio in/out and VGA out.Check out the demo video of the device after the cut

AMD are claiming 2.5hr battery life while playing videos, and estimates put the device at around 200 x 120 x 25mm.  The keyboard looks a little like that of the Sony VAIO TZ to me, though obviously smaller.  Best of all is talk of an actual release, with a $688 to $786 price and availability in the second half of 2008.

Of course, AMD aren't a notebook company, so the origins of the UMPC are dug into by SlashGear's favorite ultramobile obsessives, JKK and Chippy; their current thinking is that it's a new device from Raon Digital.  So far, examination of the neat little optical mouse-controller – as found on Raon Digital's Everun - the two shortcut buttons above the keyboard on the right, some icons in the toolbar and even the ferrite EMI block on the power lead have all reinforced this.  Considering Raon Digital are fond of SSDs and WWAN connectivity, there's a good chance we could see this maturing into an impressive mobile device.