R-Reforged unveils Aston Martin Vantage V12 Zagato Heritage TWINS

Earlier this year, Swiss bespoke manufacturer R-Reforged has started production of its limited-edition Aston Martin V12 Vantage Zagato Heritage TWINS. This unique two-car collection starts at around $2-million and consists of a bespoke Vantage coupe and roadster to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Italian coachbuilder Zagato.

"The essence of this project was to create a perfect 'garage,' comprising two desirable and collectible cars, Coupe and Roadster," said Andrea Zagato, CEO of Zagato. "Despite having created over 450 models since our formation, we chose Aston Martin, which has surely been our most prestigious partner over the last 50 years, to mark this celebration. The cooperation with R-Reforged ensured that we could create an instant classic."

The first set of TWINS you see here will be on display at Aston Martin's flagship St. Gallen dealership in Switzerland until early next year. It will also embark on a global tour across Europe and the United States before residing in Zagato's private collection.

More importantly, the first TWINS will undergo benchmark testing at IDIADA in Spain beginning in early 2021. "We have brought together an incredible team of engineers and craftspeople to develop and produce their beautiful, exquisitely detailed cars that amplify the design, craftsmanship, performance, and ownership experience of the original," said Thomas Mayer, CEO of R-Reforged.

Beauty is a given, but each twin has a bespoke, naturally-aspirated 5.7-liter V12 engine for maximum effect, producing close to 600 horsepower – 80 more horses than a previous-gen Vantage V12. Furthermore, each car is fitted with titanium exhausts and aluminum air intakes to deliver an aggressive roar that, according to Aston Martin and R-Reforged, is arguably one of the world's greatest engine soundtracks.

A posh interior accompanies the delicate carbon-fiber coachwork and powerful engine. Only the finest Grade A Bridge of Weir leather is utilized for the seats and cabin, while every aspect of the TWINS is configurable and built to each owner's exacting standards.

Additionally, each twin can be matched or can come in individual designs, and potential owners are encouraged to personalize every element of each vehicle. The Aston Martin V12 Zagato Heritage TWINS are sitting on a 20 mm stretched track, while the ride height is further lowered by 10 mm.

R-Reforged is only building 19 examples of both the Coupe and Roadster, a nod to the year when Ugo Zagato founded the company in Milan, Italy, back in 1919. Each pair of TWINS will be hand-assembled in R-Reforged's 2,800 square-meter factory in Warwick, United Kingdom.