Aston Martin Vantage V12 Zagato Heritage Twins by R-Reforged starts at $2M

Swiss bespoke manufacturer R-Reforged is officially starting production of the Aston Martin Vantage V12 Zagato Heritage Twins. Based on the 2013 Vantage V12, the company is slated to produce 19 coupes and 19 convertible models to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Zagato and 60 years of partnership with R-Reforged. Prices start at around $2-million and the vehicles are sold as a pair.

"The Aston Martin Vantage V12 Zagato Heritage TWINS by R-Reforged is undoubtedly a highlight of our centenary celebrations," said Andrea Zagato, CEO, and grandson of company founder Ugo Zagato. "A beautiful, bespoke and intrinsic part of our history and creative association with Aston Martin. To own these collectible cars will be a very personal and emotional experience."

What really caught our attention is the decision to combine the best of both worlds. The Vantage V12 Zagato Heritage models are twins, but they are far from being identical. The coupe model looks pretty much like a 2013 Vantage V12 with its familiar fascia and double-bubble roof design.

However, the convertible model is destined to steal the show – it has a unique fastback-inspired rear end like the Aston Speedster. Both vehicles receive 100th-anniversary gold Z badging, an active rear wing, and bespoke 19-inch center-locking alloy wheels by APP Tech.

But the biggest news has nothing to do with the twin's iconic design. Each of the 19 coupes and 19 speedsters features a retuned version of the Vantage's 5.9-liter naturally-aspirated V12 motor. Each car is now producing a healthy 600 horsepower – 86 more horses than the original model. We have no word yet on transmission choices, but we reckon a paddle-shift automatic is standard while a six-speed manual (which was standard in the original V12 Vantage) remains an optional possibility.

Potential buyers are in for a treat. Upon placing an order, customers will receive a bespoke gift box as part of the R-Experience. Each vehicle is highly customizable, and buyers will work directly with the designers at Aston Martin St Gallen in Niederwil, Switzerland to discuss specific bespoke options for each model. Afterward, lucky buyers are invited to R-Reforged's brand new manufacturing facility in Warwick, UK to witness firsthand how each car is built.

"Aston Martin's relationship with Zagato stretches back 60 years and together in that time we have created a series of very special cars," said Peter Freedman, Aston Martin VP, and chief marketing officer. "The Aston Martin Vantage V12 Zagato Heritage TWINS by R-Reforged project is a fitting tribute to the Zagato centenary anniversary."

The Vantage V12 Zagato Heritage Twins is the first project of R-Reforged. Both the coupe and convertible models are set to debut this summer while official production begins later this year. According to R-Reforged, the order books are still open but most of the 19 build slots are already sold out.