Qualcomm brings S4 power to Samsung ATIV Tab and S

Just in case you didn't catch it in the whirlwind of announcements that were laid down today at IFA 2012 by Samsung, Qualcomm has announced that their ultra-powerful Snapdragon S4 processor lineup will be bringing the heat to the ATIV S smartphone and ATIV Tab tablet. The ATIV Tab tablet running Windows RT while the ATIV S is set to be one of the very first Windows Phone 8 devices to hit the market this Fall. The Qualcomm team's Snapdragon lineup also remains the only set of processor to power Windows Phone, 100% of them, the whole world over.

With the Qualcomm Snapdragon line of processor, it's assured by the manufacturer that the user is getting "seamless integration and collaboration between hardware, software, and services." This is of course because Qualcomm manufactures other gear inside the devices they have their processors in as well, and offer software solutions for sharing and media wizardry of all kinds. With Windows RT (the mobile tablet version of Windows 8) on this Samsung tablet and Windows Phone 8 on the ATIV S, you'll have a full Qualcomm experience in both next-level hardware universes.

Have a peek at our Samsung tag link for more information on everything that's been revealed today, and stay tuned to our IFA 2012 portal as well to make sure you've got information on everything that's going down all week. We'll have hands-on with devices of all kinds, Samsung and Qualcomm included, throughout the week!