Q2 tip: Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 to rival S20 Ultra as world's best 5G phone

It's a race to the top with the most expensive and extravagant 5G-capable smartphones here in early 2020, and Samsung is ALL IN. The rumored Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G caught our attention in early January with its tipped highest-possible specifications and preparedness for an early March release date – not to mention its likely $1500+ price tag. Now it would seem that Samsung's efforts to one-up the competition (and itself) will likely push the release of the 2nd-generation Galaxy Fold to the second quarter of the year – complete with 5G and an S Pen!

Most obvious of the elements that set the Samsung Galaxy Note family aside from the rest of the Android universe was its inclusion of a stylus that was able to be docked in its body when not in use. The original Galaxy Note also paired this with a biggest-in-industry display, paving the way for a whole slew of massive-display-toting smartphones over the next half-decade and beyond. Now, here in 2020, it's time to expand once again.

Instead of moving beyond the already massive display sizes the Galaxy Note (not to mention Galaxy S) smartphones, the Galaxy Fold (gen 1) keeps the bulk in check. The exterior of the device has a tiny display for offhand checking of notifications, then when a larger display is needed, the entire device unfolds for a much larger space in which to do work and enjoy media.

In 2020, the Samsung Galaxy Fold (Gen 2) will feature a larger display than before, a far more powerful camera than in the first array, and a few other features that might give the next Galaxy Note a run for its money – the same for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (complete with next-gen 5G connectivity right out the gate). This fold would still fold the long way – not the way you see below:

It's almost like Samsung is enacting its old playbook from around 2015, where they release a massive number of different iterations of phones so they can cover EVERY POSSIBLE part of the smartphone market. Only now, instead of focusing on every phone from the sub-$100 to the top, they're making sure they've got their bases covered above-the-rim first and foremost.

Per word from Max Weinbach from XDA Developers re: anonymous sources familiar with the information, etc, it would seem that the Galaxy Fold 2 for 2020 will arrive between April and July of 2020. AKA there's a really, really good chance we'll see this device at an event the likes of which we've never seen before.

By that I mean Samsung doesn't generally have a massive device release near the middle of the year. Instead, they usually have a Samsung Galaxy S collection to reveal in February and release in March, then a Galaxy Note in the last quarter of the year. Now they can have a new category right in the middle!

I would not be shocked to find this device cost around $2k – two THOUSAND dollars, right out the gate. Because why make something less when there are consumers in this world willing to pay the most for a device that's more elite than all the rest? The time is right, Samsung, time to strike for 5G!