Galaxy Fold finally hits US stores this weekend

JC Torres - Sep 23, 2019, 9:00am CDT
Galaxy Fold finally hits US stores this weekend

It’s a little over four months overdue but the alternative could have been worse. Samsung could have completely scrapped the Galaxy Fold and along with it a potentially interesting but still nascent market. For better or for worse, and we’re hoping for the better, Samsung pushed through with its first foldable phone, with a bit of refinement but with nearly the same weaknesses. And after months of delays, the Galaxy Fold will now be available in the US for those who still want a very expensive piece of mobile history.

Let’s face it, Samsung is asking a lot with a $1,980 price tag on the Galaxy Fold. Of course, it throws in free Galaxy Buds (around $130) and the price of having two screens, one of which is a highly experimental foldable panel, does explain the costs. At the same time, given what’s at stake, new owners might feel like they’re carrying a raw egg in their hands and bags.

Samsung has already talked about the changes it made to the design and structure of the Galaxy Fold to address the weaknesses discovered in its first day out in the wild. There were indeed improvements but, as a recent durability test showed, it may still have problems surviving the ordeals of the real world. At least it won’t break if you accidentally fold it the wrong way.

That’s why Samsung launched what it calls its Galaxy Fold Premier Service, which is basically a VIP access to customer service. Be it through a phone call, video chat, or in-person support, owners can learn all there is to know about the novel phone, especially how to take extreme care of them. They will even go over how to use the Galaxy Buds and, a bit amusingly, the custom aramid fiber cover.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold will be officially available in the US starting September 27. Verizon may have given it the cold shoulder, but AT&T is embracing it wholeheartedly. The foldable phones will also be available unlocked from Best Buy and Samsung Experience retail stores who will also be carrying AT&T models.

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