Prometheus stills released as fan community explodes

What might be the blockbuster film of the summer (if the Avengers weren't enough for you) Prometheus is celebrating its explosion of pre-release fans with a collection of film stills this week. These film stills show unseen elements in the soon to be released film including alien technology, close-ups of the actors in action on the various ships shown in the film, and a collection of ominous canopic jars. These stills add much to the notion that this film will indeed follow the Alien legacy started with the director that also commands this film, Ridley Scott.

What you're seeing is a set of several shots direct from the film in ultra high definition. These images are flat though the film will end up being shown in 3D thanks to the camera rig technology provided by the hardware manufacturers heard from in our 3ality Technica interview last month. Find out there how Scott and crew helped usher in a new era of 3D with RED cameras and 3ality Technica gear for 2-up 3D camera rigs that were just as easy to manage as any 2D setup – here in the future with the third dimension!

The first gigantic image above is of a massive stone head carved in the image of what may well be the first humanoid in space. The story of Prometheus starts with the Space Jockeys you see in the original Alien movie drawing the humans you see in this film to the planet you see in this movie LV-223. At the end of this movie and at the start of Alien, we're at LV-426 – another planet which requires quite a bit of space to get to – find out more soon!

Above you'll see David, an android or "artificial person" that'll play a giant role in making the good (and evil) in this film move forward. You can see a viral advertisement for David here as well:

Have a peek at the rest of the gallery of new images below, and stay tuned to our own Prometheus portal to see what the real deal with the film will be as its all released this summer. Big time alien action!