Watch this: Prometheus viral introduces us to David

We're not going to lie to you: we're stoked for Prometheus, the upcoming prequel to the Alien movies, directed by franchise helmer Ridley Scott. We saw the first viral video back in February, a TED talk by Weyland Industries set in 2023, and the latest has been released today. The video, entitled "Happy Birthday David!", shows an interview with David (played by Michael Fassbender), a predecessor to the androids seen in Alien and Aliens.

The video has a very retro feel to it, showing David seemingly enjoying various activities, like playing chess, and sniffing flowers. Of course, there are moments where you might be able to detect a more sinister undertone, brilliantly played by Fassbender, where David describes how he can carry out tasks that humans might find "distressing" or "unethical".

As well as describing how he and models like him can better help the workforce, David also takes a look at slides reminiscent of the Rorschach test, but with better defined shapes and lots of hard angles. While you or I might find a menacing face embedded, David instead sees "children playing" and "angels".

It's a fantastic video, and we recommend you watch it immediately. We had our doubts when Prometheus was first announced, but the various information, videos, and trailers have ensured that we'll be buying a ticket on day one. You can watch the full video below.