Prometheus Analyzed: Space Jockeys

Our week of Prometheus continues here with the alien race we'll be seeing here in the blockbuster of the summer: The Space Jockey. What we'll be doing here is moving through several of the most pointed scenes and tips we've received on the movie and hypothesizing on what we'll end up seeing here in the actual full-length film. The race of beings you'll see here that've thus far been called Space Jockeys will be appearing on the planet in the Zeta II Reticuli system we saw in the original Alien movie and Aliens, and their presence will be made clear not through some dormant mummy-like situation, but through the humans that visit the environment themselves.

This saga will capture the earliest look at "the company" as it's called in the first Alien movie, otherwise know here as the Wayland Industries. If you're a fan of the Aliens vs Predator series of films, you can actually more than likely count on the fact that these plotlines will not add up, but that the idea that the full name "Wayland Yutani" (per Aliens) will not be shown at all. In Alien vs Predator 2, you do see Miss Yutani speaking on alien technology near the end of the film, but given the fact that we're still calling the corporation Wayland Industries here in Prometheus' storyline in 2085, you can count on the fact that Alien vs Predator does not exist to Ridley Scott.

Ridley Scott, aka the director of Alien as well as Prometheus, has stated that the Space Jockeys will tie directly to Alien, but that this film will have a plotline that will be able to be continued elsewhere – in other words there could very well be a Prometheus II. Scott has also revealed that the Space Jockeys are sort of "Gods" and "engineers of space" so to speak here in this plotline, so we can expect some "big ideas" as we've come to expect from the very beginning, especially given Promtheus' main tagline:

They went looking for our beginning.

What they found could be our end.

Have a peek at one of several HD trailers for the film here – watch out for Alien sneak-ins:

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The Space Jockey race of beings will, if our calculations are correct, be a monstrous people made up of whatever their host being offers in flesh. Sound familiar? What we'll see here in the film is David, our resident robot for this series, taking special interest in the Space Jockey race and eventually leading our heroes into danger to see the Space Jockey race accomplish their mission – just because he's robotic like that.

The Space Jockey's mission started thousands of years ago in the implantation of human life on earth, they giving them several signs (around the world) that lead the human race back to the planet (the one where most of the movie takes place here) where they've set a trap to kill them all. The Space Jockey race is likely made up of scientists who set this trap for the humans so that once they became too advanced for their own planet, they'd be stoppered up before they spread their infectious life-force to the rest of the galaxy.

The Space Jockeys have very likely created a biological weapon that takes over the body of its host and makes them do the bidding of their hive-mind, this mind having been set in place with mind-to-mind next-level language, very similar to what we see in the Alien movies between the Alien Queen and her subjects. Once the Space Jockeys are stopped here in the film Prometheus, their biological weapon reserve, created via the humans they took with them from the planet Earth at the dawn of humanity, sits dormant until the crew of the first Ridley Scott film – these being the Alien creatures you know and love today. All six films of them!

We'll continue this series throughout this week and will continue to bring you all the Prometheus action you can handle right up unto its final release! See you there!