Prepare For iPhone 5 In Early October Warns AT&T VP

More indications of an October launch for the iPhone 5 this morning, with word reputedly from an AT&T VP that managers should expect the fifth-gen iOS smartphone early in the month. Speaking to a group of managers, BGR's tipster claims, the unnamed VP warned that they should "expect things to get really, really busy in the next 35-50 days, so prepare your teams accordingly."

That timescale would certainly fit in with rumors from earlier in the week, which suggested that the iPhone 5 would go up for pre-order from the end of September, ahead of retail availability on October 7. However, it conflicts with other talk of a mid-September launch based on leaks from European carriers.

Of course, with rumors like this you have to take into account both the potential for inaccurate sources and the idea that even if the staffers are talking about release dates, they may well be basing their talk on speculation read online. We've also heard mutterings of there being more than one device – such as a cheaper "iPhone 4S" or plastic-shelled variant of the existing iPhone 4, perhaps targeting entry-level markets like China - as well as the prospect of LTE support.