Portal gets very real in "Terminal Velocity" video

It's time for some IRL Portal with filmmaker Jason Craft and his very own POrtal gun, taking some fabulous camera skills, some 3D tracking, and a little bit of movie magic to make the whole world smile. This fan video is completely non-official and not tied to the makers of the Portal video game series, but it sure as heck has impressed us to no end. Have a peek at what happens when one goes in, one goes out, and physics happen.

This video is much more an exercise in home-made special effects than it is an acting and storyline masterpiece, but the result is one fabulous bit of video that any Portal fan will appreciate. Watch as the game comes alive in full blue and orange ins and outs galore. Also remember that when you've got a portal above and a portal below, you go fast.

This is just one of several Portal fan-made videos out there today, another being a short "trailer" for a Portal movie that we'd certainly pay cash money to see. You out there in Valve and Steam land, make this happen! There should be nothing holding you back at this point! Get money!

Also feel free to check out our Timeline of Portal news bits and updates, and be sure to tell us if you're still playing the game after weeks of puzzle-busting!