Portal Gun replicas sale details revealed

There's a limited edition Portal Gun coming to your doorstep via ThinkGeek, all you fans of the fantastic cult classic game, and its the 1:1 replica you may never have known you've always needed. This gun is the same you've seen in the Portal Series in both the first and second editions, you being able here to toss some C batteries in, start it up, and blast some GLaDOS friendly sound effects and lights into the atmosphere at will. This Portal Gun replica is limited to 5000 pieces worldwide and has been announced for sale on the 18th of May by ThinkGeek today!

The Portal series has long been a favorite amongst gamers looking for not only a fantastic fun-filled puzzle-room experience, but a bit of deranged humor along the way as well. Truly it is appropriate then that the makers of this gun, NECA, have chosen ThinkGeek to be one of the few to sell it. This is Aperture Science's Handheld Portal Device, a fabulous masterpiece of science, and you'll be owning it very, very soon.

Inside you've got orange and blue LED lights, unique sound effects for each color, and a three-way switch that allows for blue, orange, or off modes. You've got a trigger that activates the firing mechanism, and the claws out front are both extendable and posable. This unit is weighted so you can pose it nicely without need of a special stand, and it does indeed require 3 C batteries to make it work – scientific! This device is 8.5-inches wide at its thickest point and 30-inches long with the claws retracted.

Get ready for testing, and expect no cake.

[via ThinkGeek]