Portal Video Game Live Action Video Short Blows Internet Away

An "amateur" filmmaker by the name of Dan Trachtenberg has created a short movie by the name of "Portal: No Escape", the entirety of which you can watch in under 6 minutes, the enjoyment out of which you'll be glad you harvested. This movie is available for viewing below and takes the ultra-popular cult-classic game series


and turns it into a fan film of sorts for the enjoyment of all. Portal game addicts as well as everyday science fiction and action lovers will be glad they took 7 minutes out of their day to take a peek.

As you may already be well aware, fans of Portal (and the

more recent release

of the game Portal 2) are

crazy people

. They like to do

all sorts of things

to show how much they love the game, a simple task for many due to the versatility and heavy marketability of the game's contents. Build your own reality

is indeed the credo

here for the fanbase of the game, and Trachtenberg and his crew have decided to take things up a notch. Have a look at the full video here:

From what we understand at the moment, this film has been made with no formal connections to Valve (the developers behind Portal) and entirely for the fun of it. Though that's never the full story, of course, so we're hoping this video garners some attention for all of the participants so that they can at least create more fantastic effects-driven films in the future, if not a full-blown Portal flick. If anyone has any additional information they'd like to toss our way, feel free!

NOTE: it's

come to our attention

that one of the guards in the movie is billed as Diggnation co-host Alex Albrecht. According to Trachtenberg's

portfolio site

, he's also done a commercial for Diggnation alongside several other advertisements for big brands such as Coca-Cola and Lexus. What we're thinking now is that Trachtenberg did indeed do this project for the fun of it and to promote himself by calling in favors from all over the place, former clients included. High quality cameras, cinematography, and special effects don't come cheap, after all, and such a top-class fan film would otherwise cost a high amount of bucks. Glad it went through, one way or another!

ALSO note that


, aka Trachtenberg himself, tweeted that his


video would be played tonight on Attack of the Show tonight on G4 at 4:30 PST! Cool beans.