Portal 2 Craziness Around the Web

If you were not aware, aka perhaps you were still hiding under a rock somewhere, Portal 2 launched today. Yes, Portal 2, with both the original single-player mode and the co-op mode where you're controlling two robots for the greater good of trans-dimensional cruising. There has been just a little bit of excitement leading up to the launch, and all kinds of craziness popping up around the web regarding the game. Legos, aliens, and disappointments. Pity the poor college students who couldn't afford to buy the game. See our favorites after the cut.

Portal 2 is exploding all over these internets, and with this explosion comes the reverberations through the chans and brains of the web. What follows is a short collection of what's sure to continue to unfold. Do you have Portal 2? Do you plan on purchasing Portal 2? Take a peek at a place like Reddit today and let us know if you see the difference from day to day.

Our favorite, lego ATLAS, P-Body and turrets from The Brothers Brick:

A slider comparison between minimum and maximum settings on the game, via Games Akutell.

And the reddit alien dressed as a video game character:

And you can get your very own T-shirt, commemorating the occasion:

There were some problems loading the game, and this reddit poster took it hard, titling the post "My life is over."

Here is someone who would really rather play a more exciting game than Portal 2:

And others who will not be doing anything else:

Coffee shop Portal art:

Portal-inspired fingernails:

Have you played it yet? Beaten the game? Stayed inside and not showered because you took the day off to play?