Polymer Vision seek funding to bring Readius to market

From a concept unlikely to ever launch, to a product we should've seen on the market already: Polymer Vision's Readius was promised for fall of 2008, but months later there's no sign of the innovative folding e-paper device.  According to CEO Karl McGoldrick, that's because the company needs more money; he's currently in talks with investors to refinance both the first Readius device and the in-development Readius 2.

"This product should have been out in the market last year, it is really frustrating ... We are ready to go into production but all depends on exactly when the funding comes through.  Our display is perfect and the device is solid" Karl McGoldrick, CEO, Polymer Vision

The Readius has a 5-inch e-ink display that, when closed, wraps around the reader's main electronics.  Control is via eight touch-sensitive buttons, and there's an integrated 3.5G cellular connection and microSD slot.

According to McGoldrick, the next-gen Readius will include an ebook reader and cellphone; it's unclear how it differentiates from the Readius we played with at Mobile World Congress last year.  That could be used as a cellphone with a hands-free kit, either wired or Bluetooth, as well as used to access internet pages.