Rollable "Asian Scroll" MID concept

Rollable screens remain slightly out of our reach when it comes to commercial products, but that doesn't stop concept artists from reaching for them for ultra-portable devices.  The work of an unnamed Korean company, this MID concept uses an "Asian Scroll" theme with a pull-out "foldable glass monitor" touchscreen.

We're going to assume "foldable glass" is a translation issue rather than a true intention, as a screen like this bears more resemblance to Polymer Vision's Readius cellphone with its flip-out e-paper display.  The Asian Scroll concept would also need some stiffening if it's for handheld use.

So, practicality isn't great but the design is certainly appealing.  Sadly this is one of those concepts you just know will never reach the market, and is simply a design exercise.

[via Pocketables]