Polaroid mirrorless Android Camera confirmed for CES 2013

It would appear that the Polaroid camera spoken about earlier this week running Android with a mirrorless build and interchangeable lenses galore has been confirmed by none other than Polaroid CEO Scott Hardy. Speaking with Imaging Resource about the situation, Hardy made it perfectly clear that there will, indeed, be an Android Polaroid device at CES and that it wont be the same one they had before – this one will have interchangeable lenses: it's all so clear!

What we saw earlier this week was a set of broken-up specifications for a camera that'd have a rather recognizable basically standard-looking body with a lens-changing button up front, a single RED-eye light, pop-up flash, and a lovely 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen on the back. This machine has also been said to have an 18 megapixel sensor on the inside.

"There will be an Android powered, interchangeable lens camera introduced by Polaroid at CES 2013. Additional information and specs will be released during the show." – Hardy

The Polaroid interchangeable-lens Android camera was tagged with the number IM1836 when it was first revealed on the 18th of December and it's only had a couple of slightly pixelated – yet rather clear – images of its body shown off. This machine takes what their earlier release in Android/camera hybrid action made real with the SC1630 and boosts it up into outer space.

The Samsung Galaxy Camera has proven to us that an Android-toting high-powered camera can and will be a category for consumer wants and needs in the very near future – now it's time for Polaroid to jump in on the fun! Those of you wanting to get your hands on this device without worrying so much about the OS should have a peek at the Nikon 1 J2, a device which looks to have basically the same size and shape as this next-generation Polaroid model.

We'll see the real deal soon, and so will you in our ever-expanding CES 2013 tag portal – stay tuned through the beginning of January, 2013, for the whole show!

[via PhotoPop]