Pokemon GO tips and "cheats" for the weekend

Next in our multi-part Pokemon GO tips series is a set of Pokemon GO tips and tricks for a hot summer weekend such as the one we're about to have. This game is addictive. Super addictive. As such, we're aiming to let you in on ways to play it fast, and play it well. Don't get caught up in Ratatats and knocked down by your opponents fully charged Gyarados! There are "right" and "wrong" ways to play the game! If you just want to have fun, there's nothing wrong you can do... unless you don't want to run out of Pokeballs.

1. Keep Pokeballs stocked up, and tap to keep

Assuming a user does't want to pay actual cash for Pokeballs at any point in the near future, keep spinning those PokeStop circles. Each PokeStop has a 5-minute refresh, which means a user don't need to walk from PokeStop to PokeStop all day long if they don't want to.

Find a PokeStop near you, find a nice shady spot, and start spinning. This is the next best thing to actual cheating in the game – which we do not recommend, mind you. In between spins, play games of – for example – Exploding Kittens. Games last about 5 minutes if you get the right group – worth it!

2. Find a beach

Pokemon appear in crowded areas more often than they do in the middle of a field. If you're like the vast majority of the population of the USA, you're lacking water type Pokemon in your collection.

Hit two Pidgeys with one stone by heading to a beach. Lots of activity, lots of water Pokemon.

3. Stay hydrated

Do not actually jump in the water to find a Pokemon – that's what an insane person would do. What I mean by "stay hydrated" is that some Pokemon GO users (you know someone like this, I bet) don't normally walk miles at a time, and might not know that they're going to get very, very thirsty while they do it.

4. Don't battle in gyms unless you can win

This isn't like other Pokemon games. Users can't just head to a Pokemon hospital to get all their Pokemon healed real quick. All healing is done with items, items that you either need to get at PokeStops (recommended) or buy.

Wait until you've got Pokemon that are up to the task of taking on the Gym Rats.

5. Hit the digital books

We've got a whole collection of tidbits from the first two weeks of Pokemon GO live in the United States. Have a peek at our growing collection in the timeline below.

Also have a peek at SlashGear's @TeamPokemonGO Twitter account for more tips, updates, giggles, and tidbits.