Pokemon GO Raid Maps and Moltres : How we've burned it down

Today is Moltres Raid Day for Pokemon GO trainers around the world – a day when users get down to business and battle this Fire Chicken monster. Today is halfway through the in-game life of the most fire-based of Legendary Pokemon Birds – or at least the most hotly contested. It's become apparent over the past couple of days that this Raid Boss is not simply easy to beat – it's easy to beat ONLY if you've got the right Pokemon on your team.

1. Raiders of the Lost Moltres

To defeat Moltres, there's a real trick to the teams users must choose. This is the only Legendary Bird Pokemon to have a 2x weakness on ONE Pokemon type – that's Rock Type Pokemon. As such, there's one super-powered Pokemon that fits the bill best – Golem! Moltres is also weak to Water and Lighting types – those are a good backup. Have a peek at our Moltres Raid Details (list of 10) to dive deeper.

Another beastly part of the best-raiders lineup is Tyranitar. But Golem is best. Fill your team full of Golem and you'll have a fighting chance at beating Moltres with a squad of 3+ teammates. Moltres has been beaten with as little as ONE trainer – though the case was nearly impossible to replicate: 6 perfect Golem – all with STONE EDGE.

NOTE: The image of the rubber chicken you see above originall comes from the game CROSSFIRE. It is not technically a Moltres, but we've lit it on fire, so it IS a Moltres now.

2. Attack of the Ho-Oh

When we began this journey, we had Articuno and Lugia. Niantic was a bit coy about whether Lugia's journey would continue beyond the first monster bird on the list – but here we are, three days in to a 7 day life of the second of three birds, and we've still got Lugia too. We can only hope and pray that Ho-Oh's lifespan will be as long. Oh, did I say Ho-Oh?

SEE ALSO: Ho-Oh Pokemon GO release tip a-go-go!• Articuno (Team Mystic) Saturday, July 22 to Monday, July 31.• Moltres (Team Valor) Monday, July 31 to Monday, August 7.• Zapdos (Team Instinct) Monday, August 7 to Monday, August 14.

Have a peek at our Ho-Oh Release Analyzation (linked to the right) to see how we got to the point where we're able to recommend a release date for this monster. We're strongly suggesting that the release date for Ho-Oh will fall on August 14th. Let this celebration continue!

Legendary Raid Map Runner!

It's finally time to take a peek at where all the raids are located – along with their numbers! Inside the walls of Pokemon GO Map (super creative name hooray!) you'll find every PokeStop and every Gym location around you. In this map you'll also see indicators of Raids as well as statistics.

This means you can find a raid for a Pokemon you want near you with the right Gym color and the right number of potential Raiders, too. It's like having a Pokedex for Gyms. That's also the map you're going to get, up at the top of this post – with less flaming rubber chicken and more basic info!

For further discussion on Moltres and the rest of the Legendary Pokemon GO Raid Boss crew, have a peek at our Pokemon GO Central hub on Facebook. There we've got all the wild arguments about which Pokemon has the best defense curl you could ask for!